Eamonn led Hurworth School in Darlington from obscurity to the DfE’s Top 100 in record time. OfSTED judged his school to be outstanding in every category in 2008. A year later it was judged to be outstanding in subject inspections in literacy and numeracy. He has been seconded to lead failing schools out of trouble. And as a National Leader of Education, Eamonn has trained over 2,000 schools in kick-starting leaps in their development. Eamonn engages in straight talking. There’s no dry Ofsted-speak or confusing management-speak. And, refreshingly, Eamonn doesn’t flinch from telling the truth. You get what really makes a difference, not what officials think does.

Peter has a track record of transforming schools. He led his own school from bottom to top 5%. Seconded into 3 other struggling schools, OfSTED described his work as Acting Head Teacher as “outstanding” and the impact of assertive mentoring as “transformational.” Peter has trained over 1,000 primary schools in his assertive mentoring systems and approaches which are having huge impact both here and abroad.

Eamonn and Peter work together to provide first class training and educational resources to support your school improvement ambitions.


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