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AM and the New Curriculum: Results

We cannot praise the system highly enough.  Our results have risen year on year, despite the higher standards within the new curriculum.  We achieve 90%+ in maths and grammar with at least 25% of our pupils achieving greater depth.  We can confidently say that our pupils are better at fluency in maths, more confident in their ability and have greater ownership of their learning.
(Carmen Athersmith, ACT DH: St Columba’s School, Cumbria)

Very pleased here with the Y6 results.  All but two children (SEN) achieved at least expected in writing, maths and grammar.  AM definitely helps us to keep a close track of pupil progress and raises staff awareness of next steps for the planning of learning.  Pupil feedback is very positive.
(Sarah Mills, HT: Stockton on the Forest School, York)

AM has had a massive impact on our standards.  This year we have seen maths results increase from 57% to 91%.  Teachers find the assessments manageable and use the results to inform future planning, target teaching and fill gaps through interventions.  This system works for us.
(Mils Majevadia: Anderton Park School, Birmingham)

Our academy trust took on AM 18 months ago and we can report amazing test scores at KS1 and KS2.  Our pupils’ behaviour and attendance is outstanding!  Both schools were inspected a few weeks ago where the impact of AM was pivotal in achieving a good with outstanding elements judgement at one school and an outstanding judgement at the other.  We could not have achieved this so quickly without our use of AM.
(Katrina Ware, Exec Principal: Timu Academy Trust, Kent)

AM maths has certainly gave us accurate assessments and results.  In our first year we achieved results in the 80s, this year we are in the 90s.
(Jill Pearson, HT: Barnston Primary, Wirral)

Our stats result were again very good; another clear improvement and once again above national standards.  AM has had a fantastic impact on our reading, writing and maths.  It has enabled our children to achieve at a high level.
(Stuart Isherwood: St Catharine’s Primary, Wigan)

AM has really worked for us this year.  Our data has shown steady improvement across the school throughout the year and this was qualified by our results.  We have seen an improvement of 24% in reading, 13% in GPS and 5% in maths.  Thank you.
(Alex Pridgeon, DHT: Marland Hill Primary, Rochdale)

Truly amazing results.  Using the weekly skills and focusing on the gaps meant we got our best grammar results ever.  We are delighted as this particular year group were our very low achieving cohort.
(Paul Haylock, DHT: Poverest Primary, Kent)

92% R,W,GPS,M combined!
(Graham HT: Stanbury Village School, Bradford)

Assertive Mentoring has been key to our school improvement and to a Good outcome in Ofsted inspection May 2016 from a previous RI.
(Kay Swann, HT: Cawston Primary, Norfolk) 

One of the first things I did when taking over as HT, after the second RI, was to take on board Assertive Mentoring… one of my best decisions!!!

Our RWM score was 68.3% – well above the national average.  Our SPAG score was 82% – our highest ever!!  We have been using Grammar Hammer resources throughout school so really feel this has helped towards our success.  We have also recently moved from having 3 RI Ofsted judgements to our first ever Good!!!  Many thanks.
(Brenda Fyrth, HT: Thomlinson Junior School, Cumbria)

The system is great and has really helped.  The AM approach of regularly revisiting key objectives has prepared our children well for the new SATs.  Many thanks.
(Paul Haylock, AHT: Poverest Primary, Kent)

We’re really pleased with our results – well above the national and local average (SPAG 83%, Maths 86%).  In a time that could have been confused and chaotic, AM helped to keep us focussed on what matters and gave us the reassurance that our children were going to do well with the new curriculum.
(Judith Jones, HT: St Thomas CE Primary, Ashton)

Maths has been great.  Using AM we’ve been able to show real progress with the new curriculum.
(Louise Warner, DHT: Headfield CE Junior, Dewsbury)

We fared well in the new SATs (Reading 82%, SPAG 89%, Maths 84%).  AM has really supported us in gaining these results.  AM has really helped us to identify gaps in children’s learning and address them more efficiently.  The Skills Checks also really help as the repetition of basic skills each week means children quickly gain confidence and speed.  The spreadsheets and target sheets provide useful information for teachers, parents and children.
(Joanne Hyslop, DH: Davenham Primary, Cheshire)

We use AM for Maths and our results this year show a sunny 97%!  We feel that AM has had a really positive impact.
(Julie Wood, Deputy Head: St Paul’s C.E. Primary Nelson)

We had a combined result RWM of 64%.  Individually they were Read 80%, SPAG 84%, Maths 88%.

We feel that Assertive Mentoring had a very positive impact for us in the careful targeting what children could do while identifying what they needed further support with.  We will certainly be continuing to use it.
(Bernie Sheils, HT: Our Lady of Walsingham CPS, Sefton)

The new spelling, grammar and maths programmes are now fully embedded within our school and we love them!
(Kelly Richardson: Washingborough Academy, Lincolnshire)

We are delighted.  In a year of uncertainty across the country as to what assessments were going to be like and how results would look it was difficult to set targets at the start of the year but it is fair to say that we have exceeded expectations (Maths 91%).  It’s our first year with AM and we would say that it has made a big impact.
(Roy Morgan, HT: Northcote Primary, Liverpool)

We achieved well above the national average.  We don’t normally get above and it was difficult to predict with everything being new.  The Assertive Mentoring has been really thorough and enabled us to track children more carefully, identify gaps and focus our teaching.  It’s been very exciting.
(Jo Powell, HT: Rivelin Primary, Sheffield)

We have done really well this year – very bizarre when it looks like the rest of the world has regressed.  87% for writing, 100% for reading and 98% for maths.  AM has had a massive impact on the maths and all teachers/children enjoy teaching the key skills.  So as a whole that means 87% for RWM which is huge – we had a fairly strong cohort, however the AM has definitely focussed areas of need and subsequent teaching.  Many thanks.
(Jo McGill: Jericho Primary, Cumbria)

We are thrilled that we were well above the national figure for RWM combined.  We know the maths has a huge impact on our learners and the weekly basic skills are certainly developed well – they are then able to apply them in different concepts and situations.  The writing and grammar hammer also help to support the children’s use of grammar and the planning sheets help the teachers to plan specifically.
(Jackie North, HT: Benwick Primary, Cambridge)

We’ve held our Pupil Progress meetings this week and the message coming through across the year groups is that Maths Assertive Mentoring is making a real difference to our children.  They absolutely love Big Maths!
(Ailsa Metcalfe: Spotland Primary, Rochdale)

We use AM consistently for maths and SPAG (grammar) and have seen big improvements in these areas over the last two years.
(John White: Colley Lane Primary, Dudley)

Thank you for this wonderful programme which we have benefitted from so much.

Ofsted love it and moved us from RI to good within the year.
(Marion Tapp, HT: Kimberworth Centre of Learning, Rotherham)

We use AM in maths which was 84%.  The gap analysis is the most useful strength of AM in my opinion and has made a real difference!
(Peter Hudson, HT: Chesham Primary School, Bury)

I feel that Assertive Mentoring has once again stood us in good stead and we will remain committed to the systems in what continue to be uncertain times.  In Maths we achieved 79% and Spelling and Grammar 82% which we are very pleased with.  In writing, the area where we use assertive mentoring assiduously, we achieved 90% – a result which is even more pleasing as we were subject to both the LA moderation process and an independent QA visit.  At a time when so many schools approached the new writing requirements with fear, our faith in the way the assertive mentoring supports our practise allowed us to continue with the excellent work we have done over the past 5 years.
(Richard Rigg, AHT: Heybrook Primary School, Rochdale)

We got 58% for RWM.  A real positive is that we felt the children were very well prepared for SPaG; believe it or not, the P8-at-KS1 child scored 100!  We’re undoubtedly staying with AM – there’s no question it has had a major positive impact for us over the last 3 years.
(Ross Peacock, HT: Moresby School, Moresby)

We are very pleased with results at St Mary’s in Halifax.  All above the National Averages.  Especially pleased with Maths which was 83% EXS or GD.  Our combined score for RWM was 66%.  We still value the AM system to help us plan and to ensure basic skills are there.
(Mark Brennan, HT: SMary’s RC Primary, Halifax)

Stanbury’s results were 66% combined.  Both the Grammar and the Maths have worked well.
(Graham Swinbourne, HT: Stanbury Village School, Keighley)

Having the maths and the SPAG have really helped us out this year.
(T Precious, Teacher: Tang Hall Primary School, York)

My school took AM on last year and have found it very beneficial.  We want to make sure we are using it to its full benefit and most importantly be in line with state as we are an independent school.
(Geri Anderson, DHT: Akeley Wood Junior School, Milton Keynes)

Transforming schools in difficulty

Having been stuck around 50% L4+ for the last 6 years in writing we jumped straight to 75% within the first year and an incredible 89% the next with 26% at L5!  We are all stunned and mightily relieved.  Thank you so much for Assertive Mentoring it has made a real difference to our children and staff.
(Angela Maxted, HT: Cheriton Primary, Kent)

We’re amazed – blown away!  Amazing SATs results and VA scores, best results in our history; E&M from 49% to 89%; Notice to Improve to ‘good with outstanding’ – all within 12 months!  AM was the vehicle for this amazing turn around – thank you for sharing it!
(D. Luke, HT: Radcliffe Hall Pri, Bury)

We were fearing Special Measures.  We now have the highest VA in Lancashire and are in the top 100 schools nationally!  I do believe that introducing AM was the turning point for our school not just academically but in our whole ethos.
(K. Blacoe, HT: Primet Primary, Lancs)

The Assertive Mentoring system lies at the heart of the vast majority of the improvement outcomes for pupils seen during this visit and has proved a powerful tool in the classroom; driving up standards, accelerating progress; improving behaviour and motivating and empowering pupils and staff.
(HMI: Mount Pleasant Primary Ofsted 2010)

We were in Notice to Improve so we introduced AM.  Now we have been judged as good with outstanding features.  HMI said AM has had a ‘transformational effect on children’s attitudes to learning’.
(J. Ditchburn, HT: Ashfield Junior, Workington)

We were put in Notice to Improve in 2011.  Since we introduced AM progress across KS2 has been outstanding.  Ofsted now describe us as ‘a rapidly improving school’ and took us out in 2012.
(J. Briggs, HT: All Saints Primary, Bolton)

Last year we were under floor targets, had two satisfactory reports and had the DFE breathing down our necks looking to force an academy conversion.  This year we have gone from 56% to 86% for E&M with results across the board massively improved.  Ofsted have just been and graded us good with outstanding features.  Assertive Mentoring has been a major force in the culture of change within my school; raising accountability and focussing teachers on what the children can achieve.  This year we won’t be propping up the league table but will be pushing for the number one spot.
(Mark Standen, HT: Holy Trinity CE Primary, Darwen)

HMI were most impressed with the progress we have made in such a short time.  In particular the way in which Assertive Mentoring has motivated children and given them greater control of their own learning journey.
(Clare Daddy, HT: Buttershaw Primary, Bradford)

Using AM our school moved from the bottom 1% in the country to the top 1% for pupil progress within 18 months!  The impact on the children has to be seen to be believed.
(Bev Oldham, SLT: St Peter’s Primary, Ashton)

Moving schools from Good to Great

A huge THANK YOU for a career changing system.  100% is unheard of here but WE did it! I’m totally convinced!  Assertive Mentoring has put us in the 100 top performing schools.
(R. Williams, HT: Docking Primary, King’s Lynn)

We are immensely pleased with AM – it’s worked for us.  Maths results are up 35% at L4 and 23% at L5 so we are celebrating SATs in the 90s for the first time ever!
(H. Newell, HT: St Michael’s Jnr, Norwich)

We’re over the moon!!!  How does 94% L4+ in English and maths combined sound, with 50% L5 in maths and 94% L5 in reading!
(K. Conwell, HT: Adswood Primary, Stockport)

Y6 results were our best ever this year with APS scores well above last year and the national average.  The best thing was all the children could tell you what they had to do to improve.
(Sarah Knowles: Headteacher)

We needed Assertive Mentoring to raise attainment and lift us to the next level.  This ensured we received ‘outstanding’ in our latest Ofsted.
(J. Gleeson, HT: St George’s Primary, Middleton)

This small village school, which once struggled with standards, has been transformed by Assertive Mentoring.  It so clearly identifies what we need to do and what the children need that teaching is far more focussed and learning is accelerated.
(Joe Hall, HT: North Wheatley Primary, Notts)

We started Assertive Mentoring in 2011 and had our best ever SATs results with 100% L4 and 50% Level 5 at the end of 2012.  In the performance tables we were ranked 4th out of 341 schools in Lincolnshire.  We had Ofsted last week and am proud to say that with the same staff and teachers we went from satisfactory in 2010 to be judged outstanding in every category in Feb 2013.  Ofsted were extremely impressed with the programme and the report highlights “the significant improvements in teaching, pupil progress and the standards they attain.”  I’m just so glad I came to one of your conferences back in 2011.  Thank you for your brilliant system which has transformed our school.
(K. Parsons, HT: Brant Broughton CE, Lincoln)

Scale and Speed of impact (within 1 year!)

Never has an initiative made such a massive impact so quickly. WOW! From scratching my head annually as to finding the way to improve writing I now smile because the Assertive Mentoring system is the perfect tool. It really works. Our highest ever result in writing was 67%, it has immediately jumped to 84% and reading went to an incredible 92%! Thank you so much.
(C. Greenaway, HT: Wavell Junior, North Yorks)

Just 1 year into Assertive Mentoring and look what’s happened. E&M has gone from 32% to 75%.

We can’t thank you enough!!
(J. Crawford, HT: Greasbrough Primary, Rotherham)

St Botolph’s introduced Assertive Mentoring at the start of Sept, it had a great impact in year 1 but even more so this year with the children making overall outstanding progress across the school.  The staff love it, I love it, the kids love it, governors get it!.
(E. Pepper, HT: St Botolph’s, Leicester)

We only started Assertive Mentoring in January, but E&M went from 30% to 85%.  It’s definitely Assertive Mentoring that’s done it for us! 
(K. Burns, HT: St Peter’s Primary, Ashton)

We only started the writing after Christmas but results rose from 40% to an incredible 90%.  Wish we had done the maths as well.  Our maths results were dire!
(C. Harrison, HT: St Edmund’s RC, Salford)

We started it in February and were inspected two weeks later.  Ofsted loved it and moved us from satisfactory to good.  We went on to get the best results in our history!  80% English, 90% maths and E&M went from 45% to 79%!
(E. Wickham, DHT: Burnwood Primary, Stoke)

I can talk with true passion about the impact of Assertive Mentoring in my school.  As a result of AM outcomes in maths rose from 68% to 84% (L4+) and from 16% to 37% (L5) in just 5 months!  A fantastic achievement and one we all proud of.
(Bill Aylett, HT: Montgomery Junior, Colchester)

Best ever results within a year of introducing Assertive Mentoring.  The staff and children are hungry for more.
(T. Croasdale, HT: St. Paul’s Primary, Bury)

It has had impact from day one!
(John Edwards, HT: Lower Fields Primary, Bradford)

The staff and children love the systems.  The impact is clear and immediate!

(C. Ord, DHT: Our Lady of the Rosary, Durham)

Our results have gone from being terrible to children getting L6 within a year!  Thanks for all the AM support!
(M. Brennan, HT: St Mary’s Primary, Halifax)

This has had a massive impact in my classroom.  Y6 had just 12 weeks of using the AM programme.  KS2 results showed a 25% increase at L4+ in English and in maths.
(J. Kendall Y6 Teacher)

The Assertive Mentoring system has changed the way I feel as a teacher and revolutionised my practice.
(R. Goffee, Y6 Teacher: Mount Pleasant Primary, Darlington)

We have been using Assertive Mentoring for two terms now and are already very pleased with the materials and the impact it is having in the classroom.
(A. Wake, DHT: Brockhurst Junior Gosport)

Having only started Assertive Mentoring in January I had to share our amazing results.  Last year’s results are in brackets.  Just look at the impact for L5!

Reading – L4+: 95.5% (95%),  L5: 59% (25%)

Writing – L4+: 86.4% (75%),  L5: 18.2% (10%)

Spelling and Punctuation – L4+: 86.4%,  L5: 59%

Maths –    L4+: 95.5% (80%),  L5: 54.5% (15%),  L6: 13.6% (0%)

WOW – we are thrilled!  AM is making a massive difference – thank you.
(Clare Thomas, HT )

We have the highest results in the school’s history thanks to Assertive Mentoring.

This stuff just works!
(K. Schooling, HT: Ross St Michael, Doncaster)

Our SAT results are so much better than ever before.  HMI are impressed with the impact of Assertive Mentoring and the kids absolutely love it
(West Melton Junior: Rotherham)

We are absolutely delighted with Assertive Mentoring and our much improved SAT results. The impact is outstanding, brilliant, absolutely fantastic!
(R. Partington, HT: New Moston Primary, Manchester)

We are convinced AM has been the single most effective method we have implemented for raising standards.  Thank you so much for unlocking the secret for us.
(S. Pikulsky, HT: Field End Junior, Ruislip)

I am a believer!  Our Y6 results are way beyond our dreams (and targets) and our best ever.
(R. Williams, HT: Docking CE, Kings Lynn)

We have had amazing results in maths – up from 65% last year to 95% this year, with 100% 2 levels (or more) progress.  Brilliant!
(T. Caffrey, HT: St John’s Primary, Newcastle)

Assertive Mentoring has (and is) so definitely worked for us.  Our biggest success is the use of the assessments to identify and teach to the gaps.
(D. Luke, HT: Radcliffe Hall Primary, Bury)

The impact the weekly maths tests has had on our pupil’s progress is outstanding!

(S. Clark, DHT: Monks Abbey Primary, Lincs)

As a school with a high percentage of children from military families, so in turn high mobility, securing improvements over time has always been an issue.  The 2013 Year 6 cohort were the first to start with Assertive Mentoring.  Data for the group who completed the whole key stage with us shows 94% level 4 + in reading and writing, 100% level 4 in mathematics.  Even better than this, 61% level 5 in reading, 44% in writing and 33% in mathematics!  Assertive Mentoring works because it provides teachers with the tools they need to be effective.  At last something that really works!

(Bill Aylett, HT: Montgomery Junior School, Colchester)

I just had to tell you.  We have just completed our weekly attendance and have 5 classes at 100% and 2 classes at 99% – we only have 10 classes!  We have never had attendance like this before and put it all down to Assertive Mentoring!  Thank you!
(Sheryl Wrigley, Knowsley)

We have found assertive mentoring to be highly successful.  It did all we expected and much more.  Our year on year progress has improved more than we could have imagined and teachers enjoy the understanding they have of children’s targets.  However, far and away the most valuable part of the system is the ownership it gives children of their own learning.  They love knowing their targets and the buzz in school when they all find they have made progress is amazing.  We were inspected recently (Feb ’13) and the system was highly regarded by OFSTED.  We were described as having good to outstanding progress.
(Val Hall, HT: St Mark’s Elm Tree Primary)

We attended one of your Assertive Mentoring conferences, which was excellent.  We purchased the maths pack, which has proved to be brilliant.
(D. Tromans, DHT: Cumbria)

One year into AM for attitudes and mathematics, and half a year for writing.  Wonderful impact!

We’re spreading the word!
(Carl Messer, HT: St George’s New Town Junior School, Colchester)

Our results last year placed us in the top 1% of the country for progress in all subjects.  The Minister of State for Schools has written to congratulate us on the progress made (our starting position was 30% E&M combined just two years ago!).  I firmly believe that our use of the Assertive Mentoring teaching model has been a strong influencing factor on the raising of standards.

(K. Burns, HT: St Peter’s Primary, Ashton)

I just wanted to say how brilliant we at Greatstone think the Assertive Mentoring System is.  The approach made absolute sense to me and I could see that it was just what we as a school needed.  I knew we were lacking in consistency in assessment, and other areas so went for the whole package.  I came back to school and ran around exclaiming ‘I have found the Holy Grail!’

(Nicola Wood, HT: Greatstone Primary, Kent)

I absolutely love the Assertive Mentoring System.  The children love it because they know exactly where they are and what they have to do next to level up.  A brilliant system; I only wish we’d discovered it years ago!
(K. Britton, DHT: Oakdale Primary, Peterborough)

The assessments were carried out in reading, writing and maths and gap analysis detailed.  I have sat in on some of the mentoring meetings and can see the impact that these are going to have.  The children already want to share their files with me and are talking in colours.  The staff are so enjoying having the 1:1 time with their children to explain and talk about learning journeys.

Whilst our L4 percentages for reading, writing and maths are not grim I know these systems will help.  More importantly, I know AM is going to ensure ALL learners reach their potential.  In the meantime I am relishing the positive atmosphere of my school; so thank you.
(N. Wood, HT: Greatstone Pri, Kent)

Since we started using Assertive Mentoring the results in maths so far are clear and the children really love it!  We have now started using the English too.
(C Sharpley-Ellis, AHT:Ferrars Junior, Luton)

We’ve been using assertive mentoring for 2 years now with excellent results!  We will continue to use it with the new curriculum. Many thanks.
(D. Baker, DHT: Littleton Green Primary. Staffs)

Just had to tell you that we had our visit from OfSTED in February.  The outcome was great – inspectors were really impressed by the way we are using the Assertive Mentoring systems to REALLY assess children, analyse gaps, inform planning and individualise support.

Quotes from the report: ‘The impact has been considerable, with accelerated rates of progress.  This approach is also proving successful for disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs, who have made particularly good progress.  It makes pupils very well aware of how they are doing and motivates them to progress rapidly.’

This is all directly attributable to Assertive Mentoring.  We were graded as GOOD when schools all around us are going down categories.

I sing the praises of AM at every opportunity to colleagues across Cambridgeshire. We have had visits from schools to come and look at the way it works – all very impressed.  THANK YOU! I took a chance on a random email sent by yourselves, attended one of your conferences and we haven’t looked back since!
(G. Young, HT: Houghton Primary, Huntingdon, Cambs)

We have a fantastic story to tell.  This year we took on the maths element of Assertive Mentoring as this was our greatest area for focus in school.

Last year our L4+ results were 76% with 41% L5.  2 levels progress from KS1 was 78%.

This year we have L4+ at 92%, 55% L5 and 8% L6.  2 levels progress from KS1 stands at 95%

We are ecstatic with these results!
(S. Jones: Acting HT, Lomeshay Junior, Nelson)

Our results have increased again and we have achieved 90% in Maths, 90% Reading and 76% in the SPAG and the writing.  We also had 4 pupils achieving a level 6 in Maths and our level 5s in reading were 67%.  We still feel the Big Maths sessions have directly impacted on the mental maths scores and that the mentoring sessions each half term are a massive influencing factor on the development of children’s attitudes and hunger for success.
(K. Burns, HT: St Peter’s Primary, Ashton)

We had the big O last week and survived! We did very well and they were very impressed with our PAM!!  The recommendations were very positive too – including – continue to increase the number of pupils exceeding expected levels of progress by continuing to use strategies that help pupils to learn faster (sound familiar?).  I just wanted to say a big thank you once again.
(C. Thomas, HT)

I just had to tell you.  We have just completed our weekly attendance and have 5 classes at 100% and 2 classes at 99% – we only have 10 classes!  We have never had attendance like this before and put it all down to Assertive Mentoring!  Thank you!
(S. Wrigley, Knowsley)

The Assertive Mentoring system has really worked in our school.  It had a hugely positive impact on our maths progress.  The impact of the weekly maths on our pupils’ progress is outstanding!

(S. Clarke, DHT: Monks Abbey Primary, Lincoln)

The AM approach to Performance Management has really had a huge impact in our school.  It has made staff accountable and allowed them to take ownership of collecting their own evidence.  It has been a big morale booster for staff to clearly see the impact of their performance.

(Annette Lupton: North Wingfield Primary School, Chesterfield)

Not only did AM have a huge impact on the pupils, it also empowered and re-motivated staff,  who were able to work smarter and be more focussed on pupil outcomes.

(Bev Oldham, SLT: St Peter’s Primary, Ashton)

The whole-school ‘Good to be Green’ system has transformed the behaviour, attitudes, attendance and attainment of our children.  In just one year, the progress in reading and maths has gone from one of the lowest attaining schools in the country (61% achieving required progress) to one of the top (100%) up 39%.  Attainment at L4 and above has risen by 25% in both reading (to 95%) and maths (to 85%).  We were identified as one of the two most improved schools in West Yorkshire.  I can testify that Assertive Mentoring really works!
(Annie McNally, HT: St Malachy’s Catholic Primary, Halifax)

We have been using Assertive Mentoring for two years now and find it a fantastic system to work with.

(Lisa Fleet, AHT: Claremont Primary School, Blackpool)

We have been using Assertive Mentoring in our maths for the best part of a year and have found it really useful.  (Liz Hughes, Y4 Teacher: Hayes Primary, Bromley)

The AM system is exactly what we needed to ensure that everyone understands the progress that is being made and to inform planning so that we are teaching the things the children need to focus on.

(Steve Snelson, Principal: Falcons Primary, Leicester)

Great results again! 3 years of consistent upward movement in all areas. 98% made 2 levels progress.  We can trace this improvement back to the moment we introduced AM!  Thanks again!

(Mark Brennan, HT: St Mary’s RC Primary, Halifax)

What does Ofsted say?

Leaders and managers have improved the school well since the previous inspection.  Teaching is now better and standards have risen.  Regular feedback means pupil know what they need to improve.

Pupils value the opportunity to discuss their learning on a one-to-one basis with their teacher and to agree targets for improvement.  This helps them to understand how to move on in their learning.

(Cawston Primary, Norwich: Ofsted 2016 – From RI to Good)

Teaching has improved and is now good.  Teachers regularly check how well pupils are doing, particularly in basic mathematical skills and their use of grammar, spelling and punctuation.  They use these accurate assessments to pinpoint what pupils need to learn next and to ensure that they plan to fill any gaps in pupils’ knowledge and understanding.  As a result, pupils make good progress and a good proportion are on track to reach the standards expected for their age.

(Kimberworth Primary, Rotherham: Ofsted 2016 – From RI to Good)

In 2013 in Year 6 there was a dip in standards in writing and mathematics.  The school has tackled this by focusing on the needs of each individual pupil, identifying gaps in their knowledge and understanding, and working to fill them rapidly.  The impact of this has been considerable, with accelerated rates of progress in both writing and mathematics.  This approach is also proving successful for disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs, who have made particularly good progress.

Teachers regularly spend time individually with pupils reviewing their progress in reading, writing, mathematics and behaviour and agreeing what they need to focus on to reach the next level of attainment so that they can set goals.  This makes pupils very well aware of how they are doing and motivates them to progress rapidly.

The approach of treating each pupil as an individual and responding flexibly to their needs in the light of their progress has been a particular success.  This is having a positive impact and is leading to a greater consistency of teaching.
(Houghton Primary, Cambs: Ofsted 2014)

highly effective programme that involves pupils in assessing their own progress which results in pupils being very well informed about how well they are doing and the next steps in their learning. (Brant Brougham Primary: Ofsted 2013)

We had Ofsted in March this year (2013), they loved Assertive Mentoring and judged us outstanding in all areas.
(C. Newstead, HT: St Joseph’s Catholic Primary)

A robust system of assessment ensures teachers know how well pupils are progressing enabling them to plan precisely to close any gaps in attainment.  Based on the good assessment of previous learning the vast majority of lessons are well planned so that pupils make good progress.

Pupils are enthusiastic and keen to learn and strive to achieve their targets.  Pupils spoke eagerly about earning ‘smilies’ and how it was ‘good to be green’.
(Windmill Hill Primary: Ofsted 2013)

The introduction of Assertive Mentoring has created a sense of urgency and competition, which has led to an improvement in educational standards.  The school has done well to increase the number of pupils reaching the higher levels in Years 5 and 6. Due to a close focus on ‘Assertive Mentoring’ and regular mathematics testing, all pupils make good progress in this subject. Some groups are making accelerated progress and many are already currently working at the higher levels.

The school’s assertive mentoring programme has made many pupils passionate about their learning.  A close examination of pupils’ mentoring files indicates that the vast majority of pupils are making good progress with many exceeding their targets.

All behaviour observed in and around the school during the inspection was at least good.  The quality of teaching and the achievement of pupils have improved considerably.

(St Elizabeth’s Catholic Primary, Wythenshaw: Ofsted 2013)

Progress is accelerating and teaching is improving thanks to the ‘forensic analysis of assessments’ through AM.
(Houghton Primary: Ofsted 2012)

Ofsted describe ‘a dramatic transformation’ at Eastfield Primary (Grimsby Telegraph)

The school has excellent systems to ensure pupils are helped to understand their learning needs and pupils show an impressive understanding of where and how to improve key aspects of their learning.

Teachers and TAs adopt a highly consistent approach to teaching. Throughout the school there are excellent systems to manage pupils’ behaviour.
(Eastfield Primary, NE Lincoln: Ofsted 2012)

AM has had a ‘transformational effect on children’s attitudes to learning.
(Ashfield Junior: 2011)

We would not have believed this amount of progress was even possible.  The best example of using assessment we have ever witnessed.  Pupils’ self-confidence and attitudes to learning have changed beyond recognition.
(Mount Pleasant Primary: Ofsted 2010)


Can only be described as inspirational.
(Penny Howell: HT Chiltern Primary)

Inspirational!  This makes enormous sense.
(Sheila Pikilsky: HT, Field End Junior School)

Inspiring.  Challenging.  Enjoyable.  Brilliantly delivered.
(H. Artley: Learning Mentor, Meadowdale Middle School)

An excellent conference – very positive and motivating.  I can’t wait to get back and begin!
(Caz Brasenell: AHT, Huntingtree Primary)

Inspirational!  Totally compelling stuff.  I was totally absorbed.
(Sue Lindop: Inclusion Team, SCE Germany)

Passion, experience, vision, excellent delivery, aspirational but ‘real’!
(Louise Close: DHT, Markland Hill School)

Based on real experience and success.  Very inspiring – Thank you.
(Gavin Sykes: DHT, Lower Fields Primary)

It was delivered by people who are passionate about it and are actually doing it.  I know what to aspire to.
(Gemma Bailey: AHT, Fearnville Primary)

Excellent – Realistic, workable and helpful.
(Louise McGuigan: KS2 Teacher, Chiltern Primary)

No nonsense, direct and child oriented.  Serious food for thought.
(Mark Rapps: DHT, St. James Ceva Primary)

Excellent, motivational, humorous and personable speaker.
(Joy Lander: ISDTL, SCE, Germany)

Very inspirational and eye opening.
(Rachel Thomas: DHT, Robert Browning School)

Very down to earth and inspirational at the same time.
(Marie Bolger: Inclusion Teacher, SCE)

A brilliant day – really inspirational!  I want to get on and do it!
(Alison Davison: Y6 Teacher, Skerne Park Primary)

Wish I’d brought the whole staff!  I can see how this would work and achieve results.
(Claire Archer: Lower School Leader, Blackhall Primary)

I was unsure what to expect, though now I’m wondering how I’ve managed without it!
(Mel Eastwood: DHT, Bishop Bridgeman Primary)

Thank you for the best training I have ever experienced.
(C. Symon: SCE Schools, Worldwide)

Thank you so much for the wonderful training – it was truly inspirational!  The staff love the systems and can’t wait to get started!
(V. Walker: HT, St Martins Primary)

Thank you so much.  I couldn’t sleep for wanting to get into school and get started!
(L. Flanagan: HT, Thomas Buxton Primary)

Thank you for a very thought-provoking and valuable day. I will be introducing PAM to my school as soon as possible.
(G. Beaven: HT, Salford Primary)

We were blown away by the potential of AM!
(P. Pearce: DHT, Cuckoo Hall Primary)

We all agree that this could be an exciting way forward for us to raise attainment, self esteem and to empower the children to play a more active role in their learning.
(R. Reeve: Associate Leader, Elliott Foundation, Wisbech)

A great day.  Really inspiring – I kept wishing I was Head of a school so that I could implement it!
(M. Hamley: Senior Strategic Publisher, Oxford University Press)

Thank you so much!  This makes total sense.
(K. Johnson: DHT, Seaham Trinity Primary)

The day has been invaluable.  Inspirational and honest.  This is exactly what we needed.
(Ray Bushby: HT, Seaham Trinity Primary)

Purely inspirational!
(Helen Walters: KS2 Co-ord, Laurel Avenue Primary)

Inspirational yet realistic.  A fabulous day.  Really motivating and everything just made sense.
(Gaynor Davison: DHT, Laurel Avenue Primary)

 More than met my expectations!  It was inspirational.
(D. Sadowski: Act DH, Amble First School)

 Inspirational – we will be introducing it all!
(R. Rowe: HT, Woodham Burn School)

 I feel inspired.  Thank you for a very informative day.
(M. Fulton: AHT, Our Lady and St Thomas RC Primary)

Great vision!  The best systems I’ve ever seen for building personalised learning and individual target setting into the curriculum.
(Mark Trudgill: DHT, St Paul’s Primary)

A really enjoyable day.  Feel excited about going back to school and adding to our systems.
(Christine Kemp-Hall: HT, North Ormesby Primary)

Very practical day.  Lots of food for thought.

(Lesley Mabey: DHT, Brookside Junior School)

Made me reflect on what we are doing and how we could make simple, jet dramatic, changes.
(Edlene Whitman: HT, Royston Primary)

Sensible, practical and realistic.
(Hannah Tudor: DHT, Beaver Green Primary)

A very thorough and detailed presentation that provided a lot of food for thought.
(Ellis Evans: DHT, The Orchard Primary)

Excellent course.  Great practical advice.  Full of ideas to take back to school.
(Sam Birnage: Assess Co-ord, Grove Park Primary)

Exceeded my expectations.  No time wasted and I could have stayed longer!!!
(Louise Richmond: Assess Co-ord, Victoria Junior School)

Enjoyed the whole day.  Based on common sense and practical experience.
(Andrew Macey: HT, Beaver Green Primary)

Went way beyond my expectations!
(Mark Brennan: HT, St Mary’s Primary)

A really interesting, enjoyable and enlightening day.
(Janet Holmes: Asst HT, Shipley CE Primary)

Very useful food for thought – many thanks
(Lindon: DHT, Harwood Meadows Primary)

Above and beyond my expectations.  It has given me the confidence to move forward with a manageable AfL system.
(Sue Santus: HT, Mab’s Cross Primary)

Excellent day.  Really useful ideas and food for thought.
(J. M. Donald: HT, Holy Family Primary)

Straightforward, useful – an entire system.  Refreshing to be given such a clear message.
(Fiona Rigby: HT, Burngreave Primary)

Very interesting, well-paced, well presented day.  I’m excited about making these changes
(McAdam: KS1 Manager, Sacred Heart Primary)

Excellent and inspiring.  Easy and fun to listen to.
(A. Hurst: SLT, Sacred Heart Primary)

What we needed!  Real headteachers speaking from experience.
(Natalie Watts: AHT, Hawthorn Junior School)

This training and system defines the difference between learning and coverage in the clearest way I’ve ever seen on any training ever.  Fantastic!
(Siobain Barnes: HT, Harwood Meadows)

An inspirational day with lots of ideas and strategies to take away and put into practice.
(Pat Blackburn: DHT, Yew Tree Primary)

Down to earth and addressing real life concerns!!
(Ian Orry: DHT, St Gabriel’s RC Primary)

Real issues addressed with realistic and simple solutions. I feel inspired.
(Karen Blacoe: HT, Primet Primary)

Excellent trainers and excellent resources.
(Maura McGoldrick: HT, Whitefield Primary)

An inspirational day.  Pace, presentation, practical, progressive!
(Martin Wilson: DHT, Mab’s Cross Primary)

It was brilliant.  Your enthusiasm is contagious.
(Mavis Wilkinson: HT, St Hilda’s CE Primary)

Thank you for a great day!  Very informative and clearly demonstrated.
(Liz Riley: Teacher, Freehold Primary)

Very informative and motivating – exceeded all expectations.
(Hanna Saxon: Teacher, Diggle School)

It all made sense!  A whole school approach with immediate impact.

(Shirley Christie: DHT, Brookfield CP School)

I’m leaving feeling re-enthused and motivated to take my school to the next level.
(Julie Bingham: HT, Bishop Bridgeman CE Primary) 

Much food for thought – this will move us on.
(P. Jolley and D. Jones: Co-HT, St Peter’s CE Juniors)

The time flew by – a really meaningful course.
(A. McCormick: HT, Blackshaw Lane Primary) 

An excellent day – clear message about the key focus being on the child.
(P. Travis: HT, Shipley CE Primary) 

Realistic and informative.  I have so much food for thought!
(C. Boxall: AHT, Furness School)

Inspirational yet very practical.
(H. Phelps: Inclusion Manager, Mulgrave Primary)

It was made clear what we needed to do.  A very inspirational day.  Thank you.
(D. Girdlestone: Teacher, Montgomery Junior School)

Excellent.  No aspect went over my head.  I just got it.  Thank you.
(Emma Beattie: AHT, Central Park School)

Definitely very inspiring.  Can’t wait to put some of these ideas into practise.
(Carmo Fowseca: KS1 Manager, Mulgrave Primary)

A pleasure – just as inspirational second time around.
(Bill Aylett: HT, Montgomery Junior School)

Very Inspirational – thank you.
(P. Fleming: HT, Mulgrave Primary)

Thank you!  I’m raring to get going with this now.
(Libby Cannons: SLT, Montgomery Junior School)

Excellent training – certainly something that we will use.
(Sue Alebon: HT, St Leonard’s Primary)

Brilliant – and just what we are looking for.
(Janine Larbane: DHT, Hartley Primary)

If anyone had told me I’d be gripped by a day on assessment I’d have laughed at them.
(George Smith: Progress Co-ord, Valley Road Primary)

Thank you for a very thought provoking day.  Delivered with pragmatic ideas and humorous style!
(Joy McCormick: PNS Manager, SCE)

Brilliant presentation.  Exceeded my expectations.
(Beth Garnston: AHT, St Andrew’s Primary) 

Very interesting and inspiring.
(John Gillett: AHT, Ceder Road Primary)

A very positive experience – very motivating.
(J. Clarke: HT, Ryecroft Primary) 

The whole team has been enthused and are itching to get started.
(C. Marchem: HT, St. Joseph’s CE Primary)

All the hard work in terms of documentation and structure has been done for us – Thank you!
(C. Marchem: HT, St. Joseph’s CE Primary)

Excellent quality of resources; interesting and informative.
(Y2 Teacher: St. Joseph’s Primary)

Brilliant resources.
(Penny Howell: HT, Chiltern Primary)

Exceeded my hopes!  It is a complete package.
(Debbie Archer: AHT, Ecton Brook Primary)

Excellent resources.
(Angela Watson: DHT, Cedar Road Primary)

I want to make sure that we use this fantastic resource effectively from day one.
(Richard Gartland: Director of Teaching and Learning, Springfield Primary)

An amazing amount of work, impressive systems and inspiring ideas.
(Anon: Bradford)

Very passionate and enthusiastic presenter.  Excellent and enjoyable presentation.
(Keeley: Strategic Director, Academy 360)

It makes sense!  It puts the child at the centre.
(Janet Pallister: DH, Woodvale Primary)

Consistent, pragmatic, simple, feasible.
(Steve Jessop: DH, Bishopspark School, SCE)

Positive and realistic – a solution!
(Amanda Robson: Act DH, Fearnville Primary)

A positive drive towards increasing pupils’ life chances, framed in a realistic and accessible system.
(Marie Bolger: Inclusion Teacher, P& FS, SCE, Germany)

A fully integrated approach.
(Carl Murray: DH, Reevy Hill)

Brilliant – I’m inspired.  It brings it all together.
(Clare Daddy: HT, Buttershaw Primary)

Gave me a new (and attractive) vision.
(Tom Trevitt: Science Co-ord, Lister School)

 This gives us a way to join up our thinking.
(Una Farley: Leader of L&T, Lower Fields Primary)

Inspiring.  This could be the key to a lot of our problems.
(Angela Watson: DHT, Cedar Road Primary)

Thank you!  I’m raring to get going on this now.
(Libby Cannons: SLT, Montgomery Junior)

 I feel I can improve how my children achieve and develop.
(Tim Stout: Headteacher, Meadowdale Middle School)