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As a National Leader of Education, Eamonn Farrar led his own school from obscurity into the DfE’s Top 100. OfSTED judged his school to be outstanding in every category. He has been seconded to lead failing schools out of trouble and now runs his own highly successful school improvement service. Eamonn is a straight talking speaker. He doesn’t flinch from telling the truth. You get what really makes a difference, not what’s fashionable.

Peter Boddy led his own school from bottom to top 5% and then developed a track record of transforming schools. Seconded into 3 other struggling schools, OfSTED described his work as “outstanding” and the impact of Assertive Mentoring (AM) as “transformational.” His AM systems are now having similar impact both here and abroad with over 2,500 schools involved.

“I took a chance on a random email, attended one of your conferences and we have never looked back since!”
G. Young: HT, Houghton Primary Huntingdon, Cambs.

“The best training I’ve ever experienced.”
C. Symon: SCE Schools World Wide

Eamonn Farrar

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Peter Boddy

T – 07810 125 494
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